Friday, October 14, 2016

Consultations of interest to Disability Community

There are currently a number of consultations with the federal government that are of interest to the disability community. Details and links to participate are listed below: 

1. From now until February 2017 the government is consulting with Canadians around planned accessibility legislation. To find background information on this process as well options for participating, Canadians can visit the website

2. Public consultations are also underway to help shape a national strategy on housing. Canadians can share ideas, take a survey, and submit their ideas in writing prior to October 21, 2016. 

3. Between October 6th and November 4th 2016 the government is gathering feedback about changes to Employment insurance (EI) and caregiving benefits

4. In advance of the next federal budget the government is consulting Canadians about budget priorities. To take part, visit the #Budget2017 website. 

5. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is consulting with Canadians around efforts to modernize rules that govern the charitable sector. Of specific interest for the non-profit sector are rules that govern political activities. To learn more about this and to be part of this important process visit the CRA website

6. The government is also set to consult Canadians about poverty reduction strategies (in 2017). For the time being, Canadians can access background and related information on this issue and the upcoming process. 

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